Lab for Performance and Post-Dramatic Acting 4

A practice of exchange
Sabina Holzer (performer),
Marty Huber (performance theoretician),

Stefan Nowotny (philosopher),
Sabine Sonnenschein (performer)

Idea, organisation: Sabine Sonnenschein
Guests for a day each: Claudia Bosse, Dieter Rehberg
Organisational support: Alex Vasak
Technical attendants: Edgar Aichinger, Erwin Breznik
Video: instant image - laufbilder für theater / tanz / performance, Roman Hiksch

April 27 til May 2 and May 26 til 31
The research process is open to the public,
the entrance is free
You can have a look into the daily agenda archive (including photos) here.
The schedule of each day is fixed the day before.
One-on-one appointments (daily from 18:30 to 19:30 with one of the lab participants) can be made from April 15 on at +43/1/403 1048.
The basecamp of Lab 4 is Im_flieger, WUK, Währinger Strasse 59, 1090 Vienna.

The contact between body and text, the combination of art practice and theory (production), the connection between creative art and science as well as between artistic and scientific research work are the object of this inter-disciplinary project.

With the help of trial installations (like walks, one-on-one appointments, actions in public spaces, the performance studio, in institutions, public houses and private apartments) the project concentrates on a more exact definition of post-dramatic acting, which is marked by flowing transitions between performative action, participation and reception.

The starting point in this lab is the relation between formation and form, potentiality and act, afformative event and performactive act; the afformative is interruption as well as possibility.

This project can be realised through the support of Stadt Wien/Kultur (Förderung für Freie Gruppen im Bereich Off-Theater und Tanz sowie Wissenschafts- und Forschungsförderung), Im_flieger, ttp WUK, WUK, Tanzquartier Wien and Bilderwerfer.

of the Laboratories for Performance and Post-Dramatic Acting