a transversal project

Tereza Engleder, Sabina Holzer, Marty Huber, Xuefei Lin-Kogler, Stefan Nowotny,
Florina Platzer,
Sabine Sonnenschein, Cristiane Tasinato
Organisation: Sabine Sonnenschein
Technical attendant: Roman Harrer
Documentary, video: instant image - laufbilder für theater / tanz / performance -
Roman Hiksch
Duration: 8 days in December 2004
Location: Linz and Vienna
Open to the public: 10 December 2004, 1-7 p.m. and 11 December, 2-6 p.m.
Party: 11 December 2004, 7 p.m.
Im_flieger, WUK, Währingerstraße 59, 1090 Vienna; T.: (+43-1-) 403 1048
Free admission
This transversal project went beyond the fields of performance, performance theory, philosophy and politics yet, at the same time made reference to these fields.
Four immigrants to Austria and four members of the Austrian majority reflected
on desire, constellations of power, political constellations and entering public visibility.
The thematizing of desire initiated in Laboratory for Performance and Post Dramatic Acting 4 led in the project afformativ - through confrontation with a potential oK (body without organization) collective - to questions dealing with desired locations and desire as freedom of movement. Where migration is concerned, these issues are of great relevance.
In this project, collaboration with maiz (autonomous integration center for and from migrants in Linz) and Rubia Salgado from maiz in particular, brought in the symbolic dimension of anthropophagy, a resistance strategy of the disadvantaged that is linked to desire.
The intentions of this strategy are to create disturbances, breaks, and transformations of western European logic. "Surprise! You'll swallow me now!"1
We are never with ourselves; I am never identical to myself.
We take on certain positions, but question a certain self, and do it continually.
I take on certain positions, but question a certain self, at least sometimes and repeatedly.
When sense is derived from a collective being, heteronomy appears unavoidable.
Who determines us? Who do we determine? Who determines me? Whom do I determine? And in which way?
"I arrive at this self only through an ec-static movement, that brings me out of myself and leads me to a sphere in which I don't belong to myself, as it were, and am constituted as a subject."2
This project was made possible through the support of the city of Vienna/Kultur (Förderung für Freie Gruppen im Bereich Off-Theater und Tanz), ttp WUK, Im_flieger, and Bilderwerfer. afformativ took place in collaboration with maiz (autonomous integration center for and from migrants in Linz) within the framework of Gleiche Privilegien für alle, funded by Land Oberösterreich (Institut für Kulturförderung), Gesellschaft für politische Bildung and BKA.
1 from Luzenir Caixeta and Rubia Salgado, Anthropophager Protagonismus; see
2 Judith Butler, Kritik der ethischen Gewalt, Frankfurt: Suhrkamp, 2003, p.121