Sabine Sonnenschein:
Choreographer, performer

* in Austria

Studied: theatre studies, philosophy and art history at Vienna university.
Dance and performance education:
Contemporary Dance, Classical Ballett, Contact Improvisation, Release Techniques, Developmental Movement, Physical Theatre and voice in Vienna and NYC (with David Steele, Donna Uchizono, Jeremy Nelson, Zvi Gotheiner, Andrew Harwood, Gill Clarke, Wendell Beavers, Lloyd Newson, Meg Stuart, Meredith Monk,...)
Scholarship by Bundesministerium für Wissenschaft, Forschung und Kunst / Austria for dance studies in NYC 1994/95.

Participant in European Choreographic Forum 4 in Dartington/GB organized by Butterfly Effect Network (BEN); member of BEN.
August 1996 Choreodrome of the Place Theatre/London for a projekt in collaboration with Annis Joslin/GB.
July 1999 (concerning the production "EXEO") "THE WIND" - award for the innovative and experimental features given to the body - /"5th PUF Pula International Theatre Festival" (Pula/Croatia).

Her work was shown at international festivals, for example: "Im Puls Tanz" (Vienna), "imagetanz" (dietheater Künstlerhaus, Vienna), "neuer tanz" (WUK, Vienna), "Tanzsprache" (WUK, Vienna), "kostprobe" (Tanztendenz, Munich), "Sprachen des Körpers" (Stuttgart), "4+4 Days in Motion" (Prague), "5th PUF International Theatre Festival" (Pula; Croatia) "Solo Dance 2001" (St.Petersburg); and "Knitting Factory" (NYC), "Altes Stadthaus" (Berlin, in a cooperation), and at Tanzquartier Wien (Vienna)

She initiated a series, called Lab for Performance and Post-Dramatic Acting (2000-2003). The Lab could be developed especially in cooperation with Marty Huber (performance theoretician), Sabina Holzer (performer), Stefan Nowotny (philosopher) and Gerald Raunig (philosopher).

2004/2005 training in sensual tantric massage at AnandaWave (Cologne). Her sensual tantric bodywork focuses on the entire body's sensivity in combining healing and pleasure. The flow of sexual energy through the whole body based on tantric principles is the aim of this bodywork.
She was introduced to lomi lomi nui as well as yin yang massage by Andro, has studied pelvic massage by K. Ruby; intensified her tantric experience at AnandaWave and SkyDancing (Munich), and has been introduced to Kashmir tantrism and Kashmir yoga of touch by Daniel Odier.
In Vienna she has practiced tantric body work since 2006, primarily individual work,
She gives workshops focusing on the fusion of tantra and Contact Improvisation. Teacher at ImpulsTanz in Vienna 2009.

In 2005 she produced heteronom 1, a philosophical and pornographic video.

Since February 2006, she has worked on the reception of pornographic films (hardcore pornos as well as art films) mainly in collaboration with the performer Brigitte Wilfing, but also with film scholar and philosopher Matthias Wittmann, theater director and filmmaker Armin Anders, performance theorist Marty Huber, philosopher Stefan Nowotny, film scholar and fine artist Tim Stüttgen, and author and performer Robert Steijn; this exploration takes place in the context of settings with performative overlays followed by analysis and discussion. Three Open Labs took place at the Tanzquartier Wien in April 2007 in the context of this project called pornonom.

The project finale was the symposion pornonom - a discourse on pornography at WUK (Vienna) in 2008: Lectures [by Barbara Eder (media theorist, queer studies/ A), Laura Méritt (communications expert, manager of "Sexclusivitäten"/ D), Peter Rehberg (literary scholar, queer studies / D), and Sabine Sonnenschein], performances by Sabine Sonnenschein and Brigitte Wilfing, film screenings, party, lounge with Sexclusivitäten/Laura Méritt (sex toys, literature, films) and Boudoir/Renate Christian (lingerie couture, linens) and erotic cuisine.

In her artistic work Sabine Sonnenschein questions conventions of reception and mechanisms of production.